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401k & Pension Education

Dust Off The Image Of Defined Benefit Plans

Innovative communication can dramatically boost employees’ perception of the value of the DB plan.

Clear Participant 401k Fee Communication is Inevitable and Necessary

The retirement industry needs a simple and transparent pricing structure.

A Letter to the 401k Retirement Industry

Failing to ensure employees have the knowledge to use 401ks successfully is cruel … and you are doing little to fix it.

Employee Communication

How Communicators Can Make Change Work

Uncertainty is the killer of workplace change. Defeat it by describing “excellence in action” for employees.

The Secret of Communicating Bad News

Communicating bad news is the most important and difficult employee communication challenge organizations face.

Strategic Communication: Full-Time Function or Dysfunctional Concept?

Any employee communication function that is not practicing strategic communication full time is dysfunctional.

Three Things Wrong With Our Profession

These problems may be serious enough to change what we do—even what we’re called.

Benefits In General

Putting Value Into Benefits

Benefits should not be expensive ‘dissatisfiers’ – impediments to building and retaining a committed workforce.

A Free Car Would Make Employees Happy, So Why Don’t Their Benefits?

Telling employees about the $18,000 of rewards they’re receiving should create a positive reaction. Here’s how.

Creating Benefit Value Statements

If “here’s how much your benefits costs” increased employees’ appreciation, shouldn’t it have worked by now?


Total Compensation: Effective Solution or Empty Slogan?

Unfortunately, more has been said to employees about total compensation than is actually known.

What to Say About Pay

Use “full job value” – don’t say “midpoint.” Have competent employees reached only the halfway point?


Communication Planning Tool

A step-by-step means of creating a communication campaign.

Involving Leaders In Benefit Plan Design

A tool to get input from leaders to help design benefits.

Total Value Statement Planning Guide

a step-by-step approach to creating a benefit value statement.

Stock Option Communication Sample

A starting point for explaining stock options.

Acquisition Communication

A checklist for merger communication planning.


 PBGC’s 25th Anniversary Event

Why DB plans deserve more love — but probably won’t get it.

Making Benefits Positive Rewards Again

How improved communication can change benefits from dissatisfiers to positive rewards.