Speeches and Seminars

The following presentations can be a 45- to 90-minute speech for industry or client conferences or for marketing staff seminars.  Presentations and handouts from selected speeches are provided below.

Typical participant feedback on presentations is HERE and a list of recent articles and speeches is HERE.



 Retirement Adequacy Matters — speech in PowerPoint Show HERE … in Flash HERE.  [The sheet mentioned on the first slide is HERE.]  Or if you want a PDF handout of the speech — without the fun animation — click HERE.
After 30 years of trying everything else — all with limited success — isn’t it time to question the effectiveness of the content and delivery of today’s retirement education?



Boosting Members and Taxpayers Appreciation of Government Pension Plans…how to use genuine descriptions, realistic numbers and trusted messengers to explain the value of DB pensions and 401k-style plans. In PowerPoint Show HERE and Flash format HERE. [The sheet mention on first slide is HERE.]  PDF handout of speech slides is HERE.

Only You Can Fix Retirement Education…why it doesn’t work and how plan sponsors can fix it.

Getting DB Plan Participants to Say ‘Wow!…how to get employees to appreciate the real value of their DB plan – and how public DB plan sponsors can get taxpayers to understand why DB plans are important.

Retirement Communication Conundrum…use ‘best practices’ that fail or do what’s best? A discussion starter.

PBGC’s 25th Anniversary Event…why DB plans deserve more love, but probably won’t get it.


Healthcare Savings Accounts and Consumerism Communication…help employees act like healthcare consumers.

Developing a Strategy to Effectively Communicate Healthcare and Consumerism…how to do healthcare communication better.

Introducing HSAs – It’s Not the Same Old Approach…HSAs have turned health plans ‘upside down’ and that’s why they must have a new communication approach.

Overall Employee Benefits

Making Benefits Positive Rewards Again…how improved communication can change benefits from dissatisfiers to positive rewards.

Planning for Benefit Cutbacks – A Workshop…building a strategic plan with messages that matter won’t make employees happy about cutbacks, but it can reduce negative reactions.

Total Comp, Pay and Value of Benefits

Improving Benefit ROI by Making Value Count…too much emphasis on costs undercuts the real value of benefits, plus how to show what really counts.

Communicating a New Incentive Pay Plan…the goal is to get what you pay for – so the communication and plan design must be aligned.

Sales and Marketing Seminars

Unless Retirement Becomes Something Employees What to Buy – It Just Isn’t Going to Work…how to turn employees into retirement income consumers.

Help Plan Sponsors Create Better Health Consumers…how the communication and marketing staff at healthcare plan providers can create consumer-oriented communication.