Employee Communication and Conference Speaking Services

Ackley Associates creates materials (booklets, newsletters, enrollment guides, etc.) and techniques (web sites, meeting-leader training, presentations, etc.) to help organizations increase employees’ understanding and appreciation of benefits, pay and other HR programs.

Healthcare Benefits

  • Introduce new plans, benefit choices, consumerism and changes.
  • Teach employees to:
    – become better healthcare consumers with healthier lifestyles,
    – use new plans and features, and
    – understand their role in managing health plan costs.
  • Explain the real value of healthcare plans.
  • Teach meeting leaders (HR reps, company leaders, and others) how to explain changes.
  • Involve managers and other ‘employees of influence’ in paving the way for upcoming changes.
  • Increase employees’ appreciation and understanding of the organization’s benefit programs.

Retirement and Investments

  • Motivate employees to learn how to define, pursue and achieve their personal retirement dream.
  • Introduce new or revised retirement plans.
  • Help employers define success measures for retirement education programs.
  • Explain choices among different plans and investments.
  • Teach employees about the realistic price of their retirement.

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Pay, Stock Plans and Executive Comp

  • Explain pay programs and revisions.
  • Develop employee total compensation statements and executive compensation reports.
  • Teach employees about performance-based incentives (sales and team performance).
  • Introduce stock-based plans.


  • Set objectives and measures for successful communication and determine the most effective communication channels and techniques.
  • Coordinate the delivery of ‘bad news’ — in the best way.
  • Conduct employee research – employee surveys, focus groups, etc.

Conference Speaking

  • Deliver top-rated keynote presentations and workshops at benefits, retirement and HR conferences.
  • Inform and entertain plan sponsors, clients and prospects for retirement and benefit organizations.
  • Conduct sessions for marketing, sales and communication professionals.