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The ultimate measure of the success of a 401k retirement plan is how well it helps employees retire.

For employees to retire successfully, early in their careers they must know how to start using the 401k to achieve the financial future they want. No automatic plan provision provides this knowledge.

Retirement Adequacy Incite©  ensures that each employee discovers…

  • How much money will I need so I can have the future financial lifestyle I want?
  • How much should I be contributing today to reach my goal?
  • How should I be investing to help reach my goal?
  • How will I make sure my retirement income will last as long as I live?

RAI (say ‘ray’) ensures your employees gain personally meaningful answers to these questions.

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Education that Works

I’ve been involved in retirement education since the early 1980s. And for 20 years, I’ve been a critic of it. (See 401k & 403b Plans)

In too many cases, what’s called ‘retirement education’ is a hodgepodge of topics from mutual fund sales presentations, plus a bunch of  ‘do dollar-cost averaging, inflation is bad, and give up a fancy coffee a day’ stuff. All this is tossed together – along with a few jokes – and presented to employees who are not financially analytical and not personally motivated to learn about the topics.

RAI is an entirely new approach. I invented it by first creating a crystal-clear definition of the basic knowledge individuals must have to start using a 401k retirement plan successfully. This definition became the Retirement Adequacy Competencies©.

Using the competencies, I aligned adult-education tactics – based on Socratic questioning learning principles – to deliver the content. And I created measurement tools to prove that knowledge had been acquired. These are standard ingredients in adult education. Now they can be part of your retirement education program.

RAI incorporates adult learning theory, actuarial science and investment theory. And it is powered by personally motivated learners.

By focusing on the desired outcomes, in a short period of time the program effectively delivers the knowledge that matters the most.

I’d be delighted to tell you more about RAI.

Dennis Ackley

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