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Just for Fun ~ a Fake Summary of Benefits and Coverage Cover Letter

Sarcasm and humor are ingredients in this spurious SBC cover letter from the ‘dark side.’ HERE

My cover letter would have been shorter had it not been for the SBC communication failures.
–    The SBC fails employee communication basics. It’s not clear about:
–    The purpose of the communication and what employees are expected to do with it, and
–    What new information is covered.

The SBC also fails to be a good multiple-page ‘summary’ of health benefits does because
it does not highlight the:
–    Purpose of the health plan…and why it does not cover all expenses,
–    Most valuable features of the plan,
–    Key considerations in selecting a plan option,
–    Pitfalls of focusing on just one element (e.g. deductibles) in making option choices, and
–    Reasons employees should be involved in helping keep down the costs…and what they can do.

Consumer-Driven Health Plans

 Six Steps to Effectively Communicating Your CDHC Plan
The new consumer-involved design requires a different communication approach.

Communicating a Consumer-Driven Healthcare Program
How to successfully introduce consumer-involved healthcare.

Controlling Health Plan Costs

 Want Employees to Control Costs: Say So, Act Like It
If you say health plan expenses are threatening your organization’s financial health, act like it matters.

Treatment Drives Healthcare Costs
If we do not control the delivery of treatment, then the main issue is how to pay the cost.

Helping Employees Make Sense Out of Healthcare Plan Costs
Until employees learn the financial facts of benefits, reactions will be mostly emotional.

Putting Health Plans a Positive Light

Taking Care in Communicating Healthcare Plan Cutbacks
Healthcare is an emotionally sensitive benefit. That’s why communicating about cuts is difficult to do well.

Say the Right Things About Healthcare Plans
Part of the problem stems from reliance on phrases that no longer apply and benefits jargon.

Communicating a Point of Service Plan
A thoughtful campaign can educate employees about the benefits of a managed health care program.

Resources and News Clips
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